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The wire and cable industry is facing unprecedented difficulties and pressures

due to the strong demand of power, communication and other industries, the main economic indicators of the wire and cable industry have continued to grow, but at the same time, the wire and cable industry is facing unprecedented difficulties and pressures

first, with the change of external environment and the influence of market competition, the world wire and cable industry has formed a monopoly pattern of several giants; Second, the price of copper, the main raw material, rose sharply, causing wire and cable enterprises to have tight money and slow capital turnover. In particular, the entry of foreign special cable products into the Chinese market has aggravated the fierce competition, and some enterprises have faced a survival crisis

it is understood that at present, there are more than 7000 small and medium-sized wire and cable enterprises in China. Due to the lack of research and development capacity, most of these enterprises are making an issue of low-end products. Therefore, product price has become a magic weapon for many small and medium-sized enterprises to compete. As wires and cables are typical industries with heavy materials and light industry, the price of raw materials accounts for 70% - 80% of the total cost. Therefore, the quality of raw materials greatly affects the quality of wire and cable products. The reason why small enterprises can provide ultra-low price products is nothing more than to make an issue of raw materials. The quality of products can be imagined. In the recent period of high copper prices, some enterprises have appeared the phenomenon of shoddy products being replaced by good ones

experts pointed out that although the sharp rise in the price of raw materials made many enterprises struggling, it also provided an excellent opportunity for the wire and cable industry to reshuffle. At present, the pattern of the cable industry has changed significantly, and many small enterprises have been forced to dismount one after another. The speed of state-owned enterprises is equal to the change rate of walking. Due to the shortcomings of the system and excessive historical burden, enterprises have gradually retreated to the second tier, and private enterprises have become the protagonists of the wire and cable industry

the market is optimistic about the imminent integration

in recent years, China has built tens of millions of kilometers of national power and communication networks, extending from central metropolises to remote mountain villages. Therefore, the overall replacement import of three major synthetic materials for cables, with a total demand of 200000 tons, is huge

experts pointed out that the rapid development in recent years has made the production capacity of China's wire and cable industry far higher than the demand, and the equipment utilization rate is only 30% - 40%. In the future, the main task of the wire and cable industry is mergers and acquisitions

at present, the phenomenon of repeated investment and blindly following the trend in the wire and cable industry is very serious. For example, during the transformation of urban and rural electricity, many enterprises produce overhead conductors and cross-linked cables; When attaching importance to the development of high-tech products, many enterprises vigorously produce high-voltage cross-linked power cables and optical cables; At present, many enterprises have flocked to car cables to close the anti-virus software installed on the computer before the computer tension machine is online to prevent conflicts with the operation software. These phenomena of rushing into mass action regardless of conditions have resulted in oversupply of some products and increasingly fierce market competition

similar to the oversupply situation in the Chinese market, the cable industry around the world is also facing difficulties. Especially after the burst of the it foam, some large European groups began to throw out the wire and cable business. Therefore, for all countries in the world, including Chinese enterprises, first, they should adapt to environmental changes through mergers and integration, and second, they should strive to develop products that meet future needs through technological development, so as to turn challenges into opportunities

in the next few years, there will be good market demand for new construction and old transformation, but a good market does not mean that the life of enterprises will be good. The change experimental machine equipped with piezoelectric load sensor has the following advantages: too. Only those enterprises that keep pace with the times and can always maintain their innovation ability can win the market and achieve rapid development

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