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Replace the wiper if it doesn't clean? In fact, it took 5 cents to finish

I believe that many car owners have encountered the situation that the wiper can't clean the glass, and the first reaction is that the wiper should be replaced. As a vulnerable part of the car, the wiper is very inconspicuous, but it often falls off the chain at critical times

don't waste money in a hurry. After a careful search of the last tutorial, I found that many riders have launched exclusive strategies, including one: sanding the wiper blade with sandpaper can solve the problem of "dirty wiping"

it is found that the original 5-cent sandpaper can refurbish the wiper in specific occasions (but not applicable in all cases), such as the following two cases:

first, the position and angle of the wiper itself will cause the wiper to shiver. How to wipe the trembling wiper clean

second, the wiper itself is seriously damaged or even cracked, so it is better to replace the wiper. At present, the wiper of ordinary B-class cars is about 200 yuan

if it is not for the above two situations, the problem of dirty wiper is likely to be due to the poor effect caused by the corrosion and aging of the wiper. At this time, you can spend 50 cents to buy a piece of emery cloth to have a try

the process of renovating the wiper with emery cloth is very simple. The material only needs a bottle of water and a piece of emery cloth. It is recommended that you buy fine abrasive cloth to avoid excessive wear of the wiper surface caused by coarse abrasive cloth

the steps are as follows:

step1. First, take out the wiper and wash it repeatedly with clean water

step2. Then take out the sandpaper, fold it in half, and hold both sides of the wiper rubber blade

step3. Finally, wet the wiper strip with water, and start to rub it from top to bottom without too much force. Repeat it four times, and then rinse it with clean water to remove some polished particles as much as possible

of course, the emery cloth method is only a way to make up for the lost, and the maintenance of the wiper is still very important in daily use. For example, when using wiper blades on sunny days, they must be matched with glass water; When washing the car at ordinary times, the windshield must be cleaned to avoid damage to the wiper blade caused by residual particles; Wiper blades also need to be cleaned regularly

how to maintain the wiper

1. Don't be exposed to the sun for a long time

under the hot sun, the temperature of the front windshield gradually increases, and the high temperature has a great impact on the rubber products, accelerating the aging of the wiper and reducing the service life. If there is no shady parking place, be sure to put the wiper up

2. Clean up the mud and sand dust raised on the road or the fallen leaves under the trees before use, which are often stuck on the adhesive strip. If the adhesive strip is not cleaned before use, it is easy to wear the adhesive strip, and the wiper drives the mud and sand to slide on the glass, which will also scratch the glass

3. Spray water before use

never dry scrape. Spray water before scraping, and scrape only after the glass is wet enough, and use glass water. Because the repeatability of glass test is high; The latter is cheap. If some raised mud, sand and dust are not moistened and softened with glass water first, it will lead to the deformation of the adhesive strip

4. Use special wiper

many car owners will use detergent mixed with water as wiper for convenience. Although the cleaning ability is good, it will accelerate the aging of rubber strips. The wiper must choose high-quality professional glass cleaning water for 2014 auto, which can effectively clean a variety of stains and has low damage to the wiper strip

5. Remember to clean the adhesive strip when washing the car. As far as I know, the speed of the tensile testing machine is 10~500 mm/min

the stains on the adhesive strip should also be cleaned frequently, and the adhesive strip will be corroded, deformed and aged if it accumulates for a long time

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6. Stop and rest first in case of heavy rain

in case of heavy rain, pay special attention to the use of wipers. In case of rainstorm, excessive water scraping will cause a great load on the wiper and motor. If you can't scrape it clearly, it's better to stop and rest first

7. Wipe off the rain and snow before parking

wipe off the residual rain and snow on the front gear before turning off the engine, so as to prevent the dust raised in the parking lot from mixing with the residual liquid and drying on the glass, resulting in the deformation of the rubber strip when using the wiper next time

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