The hottest winter strawberry packaging in Shuangl

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Recently, Hejiang Town, Shuangliu, Sichuan, which has just been rated as the hometown of strawberries in China by the Ministry of agriculture this year, officially kicked off the first winter Strawberry Festival, and many marketing activities on component a (resin) and component B (curing agent) strawberries will appear one after another. Therefore, Shuangliu strawberry will use the image of geographical indications to attack domestic and foreign markets such as Russia

compared with Shuangliu strawberries, Shuangliu winter strawberries with national geographical indications began to be sold all over the country with a brand-new look after the geographical indications were officially put into use in mid November. In order to make the new geographical indications known and adopted by dealers as soon as possible, 200000 copies of geographical indications have been printed and pasted on the outer packaging of exported strawberries in the county

Shuangliu County in Sichuan Province began planting strawberries in the early 1980s. After more than 20 years of efforts, the core planting of Hejiang, Yongxing, Taiping and other hilly towns has risen to 25kg by 2015. The strawberry planting area in the county has been stable at more than 150000 mu for several years through market-oriented, professional, international and brand operation. The annual output of strawberries has reached 68million kg and the output value is more than 230million yuan. It has become one of the three major strawberry production base counties in China and the largest winter strawberry production base in China

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