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Wireless innovative technology won the famous BP DCT Helios award

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Shanghai (September 18, 2007) – Emerson Process Management Department announced today that BP awarded the famous digital communication technology (DCT) Helios award that can also be used in film, toys, clothing, utensils, electronic manufacturing, etc. to BP team that cooperates with Emerson to develop innovative wireless technology. BP's internal dcthalios awards are designed to recognize and reward the best digital technology projects that provide added value to BP's businesses around the world

the "best achievement award" of the dcthalios award was awarded to bpcherrypoint refinery in Washington state, which adopted wireless innovative technology. In order to operate safely and efficiently, refineries and company business platforms need to know data such as equipment temperature, pressure and vibration of rotating equipment. BP worked closely with Emerson to develop the world's first mote based intrinsic safety system for capturing valuable measurement data in BP's challenging refining environment. (mote is a sensor with built-in power supply, memory module and communication ability. It can collect a large number of sensor inputs and communicate through its own configured wireless network.) This wireless system reduces the installation cost of the sensor, has stronger monitoring ability, and improves maintainability and security

bp also awarded the "green environmental protection Award" of dcthalios award to Carson refinery in California, which uses wireless monitoring safety valve technology, which fully demonstrates BP's efforts to continuously strengthen and consolidate its leadership in environmental protection

davidlafferty, senior consultant of BP digital communication technology, said: "In the past, due to cost reasons or various geographical obstacles, we could not wiring and monitoring at all, and new wireless technology could be achieved. We conducted a successful field test with Emerson in cherrypoint refinery and Carson refinery, which was a win-win result. BP team gained the experience of exploring the commercial value of this new technology, while Emerson gained the real environment and technology for effective testing Feedback. "

johnberra, President of Emerson Process Management, said: "It's a great honor to be nominated for the dcthelios award with BP employees. This award fully demonstrates the innovation and real business value of intelligent wireless technology, which Emerson has currently launched for in-house applications in factories. At the same time, this award also shows that the technology development partnership between us and BP is very successful. We believe that this is also an ideal model for creating and validating new technologies such as wireless technology. ”

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