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The rapid development of wireless communication and related testing technologies have attracted much attention editor's note: Recently, LITEPOINT and Kemu Asia Co., Ltd. jointly held a "wireless communication testing technology seminar" in Shenzhen, which introduced the development and trend of wireless communication technology and showed its newly launched wireless communication testing system. The rapid development of wireless communication and related testing technology will attract much attention

from GSM, GPRS to the current hottest 3G and related communication technology trends, wireless communication technology is trying to provide faster transmission rate and larger bandwidth, so that consumers can transmit voice and text, and provide other related application services. This starting point makes the development of wireless communication in recent years not only rapid, but also fierce competition. On July 24, LITEPOINT and Kemu Asia Co., Ltd. jointly held the "wireless communication testing technology seminar" in Shenzhen, introducing the development and trend of wireless communication technology, and displaying its newly launched wireless communication testing system

despite the rapid development of wireless technology, it still faces many challenges. As the entry threshold of various technologies is getting lower and lower, new models will continue to appear in a short time to participate in market competition. Moreover, the boundaries of the definitions of various terminals are becoming more and more blurred, and the analysis speed is fast and fuzzy, that is, the integration between technologies is becoming more and more, and the industry has also put forward the concept of multicom. On the other hand, manufacturers hope to continuously reduce the cost of products, so they move the manufacturing process to a place with lower cost. From a global perspective, the production center is gradually moving to the East

according to the data of several research institutions, the development of WiMAX has been relatively stable, and the market has not increased significantly, but it is expected that a major breakthrough will occur next year or later. In contrast, 3G and WiFi, which have found a take-off point, have a much stronger momentum. The application of WLAN will focus on office and home in the future, and it is expected to occupy 90.2% of the portable PC market. LTE is also a hot topic recently, but johnli of LITEPOINT believes that it will take at least two years for LTE to develop on a large scale

in the face of Agilent and RS, giants in the field of wireless communication testing, LITEPOINT said that compared with these large companies, LITEPOINT's business model is flexible and responsive, which is also favored by customers. For the four wireless communication standards, LITEPOINT has released three new test systems, including the new iqnav test system, which locks in the production type test operations of various embedded GPS devices; Iqultra, the industry's first UWB EVM testing system, covers the R & D, manufacturing and testing of UWB modules; And iqnxnplus system, which can be developed for WiFi and wimaxmimo to provide multi stream signal support

at present, the market scale of GPS is considerable and growing continuously. Personal navigation devices (PND) account for about 90% of the overall GPS market. It is expected that the market share of GPS equipped devices will increase to 78% by 2012. In this market with large demand and price sensitivity, manufacturers need to pay more attention to product testing. Iqnav testing system is launched for GPS testing. According to davidyin of LITEPOINT, the traditional single channel GPS test is divided into two stages: snr/sensitivity test and positioning test of biodegradable plastics as environmental friendly plastic products, high-tech functional new materials and recycling of waste plastics. This method requires multiple accesses, so the test time is long, and the received signal is easily affected by weather, surrounding buildings, etc., so the signal is unstable. The iqnav test system has six channels, which only needs a single port of a single machine to connect the modulus of elasticity and the maximum winding. When connecting to the order tensile testing machine at one time, you need to communicate with the manufacturer's technical department in advance to complete the complete test, which greatly saves the test cost

for UMB testing, customers often feel a dilemma, because the UMB wireless standard can cover the spectrum of more than 7GHz, provide a 528mhz signal bandwidth, and a maximum power of -41dbm per MHz. Therefore, UMB testing instruments are expensive and take a long time. Iqultrawimedia test system includes a special-purpose vector signal analyzer (VSA) and an attenuator for UWB signal reception. The system can collect and analyze all Wimedia band groups (1 to 6) and time-frequency codes (TFCs;). Iqultra changes the test process, gets rid of various restrictions of frequency or signal bandwidth, and can support the function of single signal acquisition and analysis

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