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Weifang: major safety inspection in winter, unmanned aerial vehicles are dispatched to inspect key chemical enterprises

Weifang: keep the base and cement foundation in good condition in winter, gb/t 3105 ⑵ 002 general bolt and screw head lower fillet radius are enlarged, and unmanned aerial vehicles are dispatched to inspect key chemical enterprises

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this newspaper reported on December 6 (Zhao Lei) in order to implement the winter safety inspection work, carry out the centralized action of "large-scale investigation, quick rectification and strict law enforcement" of potential safety production hazards, continue to maintain the high-pressure situation of "cracking down on illegal and illegal activities", and promote enterprises to implement the main body of safety production, Weifang Safety Supervision Bureau concentrated the city's law enforcement and expert forces into five inspection teams from November 28 to 30, In Zhuliu Industrial Park of Changle County, 10 key chemical enterprises were selected to organize a diagnostic centralized law enforcement inspection action

this law enforcement inspection combined with the provincial work safety administrative punishment file evaluation activity organized by the provincial emergency management department in Weifang City, through the exchange and discussion of "what to check, how to check, and how to deal with after checking" and other issues in the work safety law enforcement work, further standardize the work safety law enforcement inspection work and improve the law enforcement ability

during the inspection, the Safety Supervision Bureau set up a centralized law enforcement headquarters in Zhuliu Street office, using drones, Changle County intelligent safety supervision information platform and safety supervision law enforcement recorder to uniformly command and dispatch on-site law enforcement. Each inspection team is responsible for the enterprise according to the internal division of labor, and carries out special inspections on risk control, hidden danger investigation, education and training, certificate procedures, on-site management, emergency management, special operations, process equipment, safety management of major hazard sources, investigation and rectification of major accident hidden dangers, etc. After the inspection, each inspection team will carry out exchange and Discussion on the basis and methods of handling the hidden dangers and illegal acts found, and the leader of the inspection team will comment

during the action, the file evaluation team of the provincial emergency department was invited to report the evaluation of the files of administrative penalties for work safety in the province, and commented on the tenacious punishment subject, fact finding, law application, evidence collection, procedure performance, discretion, document preparation and other aspects of the 34 files participating in the evaluation in the province, giving full play to the role of mentoring in the centralized evaluation of files, and further standardizing the behavior of administrative penalties for work safety

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