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Zhoushan fake fire retardant coating reappeared fire fighting on the spot investigation and punishment

Zhoushan fake fire retardant coating reappeared fire fighting on the spot investigation and punishment

April 24, 2014

[China paint information] fire retardant coating is used for the surface of combustible substrate, which can reduce the coating material. A relatively perfect material research and development, product pilot test and test platform has been established to prevent the flammability of the material surface and the rapid spread of fire after sample clamping, A special coating used to improve the fire resistance of the coated material. However, compared with the genuine fire-proof coating, the price of fake and inferior fire-proof coating is absolutely dominant, and some personnel still use fake and inferior fire-proof coating during decoration. A few days ago, the Daishan brigade in Zhoushan conducted a special inspection on the fire-proof coating used in the construction projects under its jurisdiction

on the morning of April 22, when the law enforcement personnel of Daishan brigade conducted fire supervision and inspection on the decoration project site of a bar in Daishan County, they found that it was using a type of emulsion expansion Jinshan brand fire retardant paint px-60. When the inspectors asked the construction displacement zeroing party to show the corresponding product certification certificate and inspection report, the other party said it could not provide it. The inspectors issued the notice of non conformity of fire protection products on site according to law on the spot, and seized the barrel of fire-proof paint. Subsequently, the brigade informed the county market supervision and Administration Bureau of the relevant situation, coordinated to strictly investigate and deal with the illegal acts of selling and using fake fire-fighting products as soon as possible, cracked down on illegal businesses, further standardized the product market of fire-fighting products under the jurisdiction to reduce the inertial earthquake effect on the superstructure, and effectively guaranteed the safety of people's lives and property

according to the fire department, once fake and inferior fire retardant coatings enter the market, there will be two main hazards: first, after a fire, the steel structure of the building is easy to deform, resulting in the collapse of the building; Second, when the fake fire retardant coating is burned, it will release a large number of toxic gases. Once the building is on fire, the escapees will not only face the collapse of the building, but also the toxic gas will hinder the escape

here, the fire department reminds the majority of consumers: generally, regular manufacturers will have the type approval certificate issued by the national fire product conformity assessment center and the fire test conformity report issued by the national fire test center. When purchasing, you must pay attention to obtaining the above two written supporting materials, and do not buy low-cost fake and inferior fire-proof coatings

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