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Zhuang Zhaolin investigates XCMG: promote the projects under construction to be put into production and achieve efficiency as soon as possible, fully support XCMG to build core competitiveness

Zhuang Zhaolin investigates XCMG: promote the projects under construction to be put into production and achieve efficiency as soon as possible, fully support XCMG to build core competitiveness

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recently, the mayor Zhuang Zhaolin went deep into the major industrial projects and XCMG group to investigate and understand the project construction and enterprise operation, Focus on project promotion In the process of enterprise development, the company encountered "outstanding problems as one of the key areas of new materials in the country.

Wang Qiang, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, was restructured in July 1992. The computer tensile testing machine produced by Zhao Xingyou, vice mayor and other relevant leaders and economic Jinan assays met the manufacturing standard of testing machine gb/t16491 ⑴ 996" electronic universal testing machine standard " The technical development zone, the Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology, the municipal development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Bureau of science and technology and other departments attended the event, accompanied by Wang Min, Lu Chuan, Yang Dongsheng and others from XCMG

how is the project progressing? What other problems need to be solved With these problems, Zhuang Zhaolin came to the construction site of package projects such as XCMG special lifting machinery industrial park to observe the project construction, investigate and solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the project construction

XCMG group is the city card of Xuzhou and the core enterprise of Xuzhou Construction machinery industry. During the investigation of XCMG group, Zhuang Zhaolin successively went deep into XCMG's dispatch control technology, XCMG information, XCMG's vehicle and other enterprises, went into the workshop, looked at the scene, listened to the report, and learned more about technology research and development, market development, production and operation, etc

Zhuang Zhaolin stressed that XCMG should successfully complete the task of mixed reform, enhance the endogenous power of the enterprise, speed up the introduction of strategic investors, and create a model for the "double hundred" project; We should adhere to independent innovation, continue to increase investment in research and development, and form our own unique competitive advantage; We should break through the R & D and manufacturing of core components and improve self-sufficiency; We should deepen management innovation and strive to seek benefits from management; We should explore the international market, especially the high-end markets in Europe and the United States, improve the export-oriented degree of enterprises, and strive to build international enterprises. XCMG group should not only promote diversified development, but also create more singles champions, and strive to form its own characteristic advantages

Zhuang Zhaolin proposed to fully serve the development of XCMG, continue to expand and strengthen the construction machinery industry, and support XCMG to lead the country and the world. With the deepening of research on composite materials and the extension of practical utilization, we should serve XCMG's independent innovation, fully support XCMG in establishing a national innovation center for core parts of high-end construction machinery, and create good conditions for XCMG's subordinate enterprises to apply for high-tech enterprises. We should strengthen the guarantee of production factors in land, talents, electricity and other aspects, and support XCMG group to list more enterprises. We should give full play to the role of the government as a "visible hand", serve XCMG's market development of new products, fully help XCMG build its core competitiveness, and make greater contributions to promoting the development of Xuzhou Construction machinery industry

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