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Zhou Qunfei: born in a poor family, he has created a glass empire that makes his opponents afraid

in the 2018 Hurun global self-made rich women list released by Hurun Research Institute, 48 year old Zhou Qunfei ranks first in Hurun global self-made rich women list

she started from making watch glass. After more than 20 years of trial and error, she created a glass empire that made her opponents afraid

Apple has always been her partner, and has been using her glass screen from the leading iPhone to the latest iPhone

there are various rumors about her. The most popular one is that someone said that she was a junior and was listed as the boss of the factory

it is not uncommon for such a rich woman to rely on a junior to rise to the top, with Deng Wendi in the front and Gambi in the rear

is it true that the richest woman who came out of a remote mountain village really depends on the junior

1. Assembly line female workers counter attack Billionaires: at the age of 5, she lost her mother and was too poor to go to school.

in 1970, Zhou Qunfei was born in a small village in Xiangxiang City, Hunan Province. My father was blinded by homemade explosives, and two fingers were blown up. When she was five years old, her mother chose to commit suicide because she couldn't stand the heavy pressure

Zhou Qunfei, who lost his mother when he was young, has experienced the hardships of life. In her own words:

"after the last meal, the next meal has not been landed."

finally, forced by his livelihood, 15-year-old Zhou Qunfei dropped out of school and took a car for more than ten hours to work in a small glass processing factory in Shenzhen

during that time, Zhou Qunfei worked 18 hours a day and received a salary of 6 yuan. In this way, she also squeezed out time to study from the remaining 6 hours every day, and successively obtained an accounting certificate, a computer operator certificate, a customs declaration certificate, and even a b-license driver's license

at the age of 20, Zhou Qunfei's factory was facing capital withdrawal, and the factory director resigned, and the investor planned to give up the factory

Zhou Qunfei found the investor and persuaded him to give himself a chance,

"if I lose your money, I will work for you all my life. If I earn it, you can give me the salary!"

Zhou Qunfei's courage and boldness were appreciated by the investors, and then she took the vacant position of the director of this small processing factory

Zhou Qunfei, only 20 years old, turned a small processing factory into a factory that was beginning to take shape

3 years later, Zhou Qunfei took out all his savings and opened a small workshop with several brothers and sisters. In fact, at best, it was a small family workshop. Eight people were crowded in a rental room with three bedrooms and one living room, and began to do the processing and production of watch glass

since then, the small workshop has gradually expanded. At the age of 33, Zhou Qunfei established Lansi technology in Shenzhen, mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of protective window glass

a year later, Motorola found her cooperation, and the company was slowly on the right track

with the endorsement of Motorola, many internationally renowned brands have come to her for cooperation, including apple

since then, the cooperation between apple and Zhou Qunfei has never stopped. When Apple earns money from Chinese people, she is the one who silently makes money from apple

in 2015, 45 year old Zhou Qun flew in a red coat and rang the bell for listing

in 2017, lansys technology achieved a total operating income of 23.7 billion yuan. Zhou Qunfei has become the richest woman in the world who started from scratch

the so-called "if you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight", Zhou Qunfei's path of starting from scratch is not smooth

since then, the cooperation between apple and Zhou Qunfei has never stopped. When Apple earns money from Chinese people, she is the one who silently makes money from apple

in 2015, 45 year old Zhou Qun flew in a red coat and rang the bell for listing

in 2017, lansys technology achieved a total operating income of 23.7 billion yuan. Zhou Qunfei has become the richest self-made woman in the world. C. dual report: fully open user report

the so-called "if you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight", Zhou Qunfei's path of starting from scratch is not smooth

2. Being chased by the security guard, chased by the dog, played by the supplier, and the flash, burr, gate, riser, etc. should be leveled. At the most difficult time, I also thought about jumping off the track

Zhou Qunfei is a typical Xiangxiang girl's character. He eats bitterly, is arrogant, and will not bow easily in the face of difficulties. In everyone's eyes, she is a woman man to the letter and is called "brother Fei"

but the name "brother Fei" is not for nothing

1. In order to find customers, he was chased by security guards and dogs

when he first started his business, there were no orders, so Zhou Qunfei had to visit watch case factories and watch factories door to door

sometimes before entering, I encounter a wolf dog barking at the door, or the security guard yelling loudly: get out

although rejected many times, Zhou Qunfei's orders gradually increased as he knocked on the doors of relevant enterprises in Shenzhen. After selling during the day, she had to work overtime until twoorthree in the morning at night

Zhou Qunfei said that doing business is like this:

"what you want to do well must also be done well without eating or sleeping, and you will not give up easily."

slowly, Zhou Qunfei gained a firm foothold in the industry. Business is getting better day by day, and dozens of employees have been added to the family workshop

2. In 2003, Zhou Qunfei partnered with others with technology and equipment to establish Lansi technology company in Shenzhen, focusing on the R & D, production and sales of protective window glass

however, lansys technology began to develop slowly and lost money instead of making a profit. One year later, the partners withdrew all their 2million investment

just at this time, Motorola was ready to launch Razr v3. It took the initiative to find Zhou Qunfei and asked to purchase the glass screen produced by lansys technology

it is impossible for a small-scale company that has just been established for a year to take orders from such a giant

Zhou Qunfei recalled, "at that time, I couldn't hesitate. The other party only asked me to say" yes or no "

no matter how difficult it is, we must seize the opportunity. I didn't think that trouble came as soon as I received the order

the glass raw material for producing screens was a small Japanese enterprise at that time. Japanese suppliers required payment before delivery. When the partners withdrew their capital from the company, Zhou Qunfei had to sell his house at a low price to pay for the goods and pay the employees

as a result, the house was sold at a low price, and the Japanese merchants still refused to deliver the goods after receiving the money. The delivery date is approaching day by day, but the raw materials are still not available. Zhou Qunfei is really anxious. He chases Hong Kong to find Japanese merchants, but he still falls short

the Japanese supplier cut off the source of raw materials, the production line in Shenzhen was almost exhausted, the employees were still looking forward to her returning with good news, and the American customers were waiting for her to perform the delivery Seeing that this order was about to blow, the factory could not continue, and more than a decade of hard work was ruined. Zhou Qunfei ran to Hong Kong Hung Hom railway station, wanted to jump off the track, and it was all over

just when she was extremely desperate, she received her daughter's, "Mom, when are you going home for dinner?"

this moment made Zhou Qunfei wake up a lot:

"suddenly, I woke up. I am the mother of a child, the wife of my husband, and the boss of thousands of employees. I must go back!"

so she gritted her teeth and immediately returned to Shenzhen to try to buy raw materials from Japanese merchants at a high price through friends. However, the purchase of materials is limited and the price is high, which cannot solve the fundamental problem

Zhou Qunfei got new alternative materials from Switzerland, but this kind of glass can only be used after being certified by customers. However, if you tell the customer this news, you may not even get the certification and lose this opportunity directly

desperate, Zhou Qunfei decided to gamble and sent a help email to the customer

there is no road to success. Unexpectedly, the customer passed the certification of alternative materials very soon

in 2004, lansys' products were successfully applied to Motorola v3:

"users who have used Motorola should have the impression that the one equipped with 'Hello, motorcycle' incoming call voice is using lansys' glass panel."

after many years, when Zhou Qunfei was interviewed, he recalled the hard time at the beginning, but he still choked: once I went to Hong Kong and thought of the scene in Hung Hom. I didn't want to say it anymore. I was really desperate

after the company got through this difficulty, many international famous brands came to the door and chose to cooperate with lansys technology, including apple

from the leading iPhone to the latest iPhone, we have been using the glass screen of lansys technology

in 2010, as a OEM, lansys technology was responsible for providing most of the windows of the 40million iPhones sold on the market, and became a veritable "Invisible King" in Apple's industrial chain

over the years, Apple has been lansys' largest customer

the important reason why Zhou Qunfei can reach today is that she never says "can't do":

guest, he has requirements, and we must meet him 100% and cooperate with him. "Can't do" is a taboo in our company

3. All success depends on "junior three"? Her heart was enlarged by grievances and pain

the dazzling achievements of Lansi technology made Zhou Qunfei angry. The boss of the factory before being picked out was her ex husband, so a story about "little three" was wildly spread by friends:

born in a poor family in rural areas, she left her hometown to work in a factory in the city. The junior, the second and the real landlady who served as the boss successively. Not long after she became a housewife, she persuaded her husband to open a new company for her. Soon after its establishment, it dug up the vast majority of middle and high-level and all customers of the original factory. Then I divorced my husband and ran it alone

now that the company is about to go public, she may become the new richest woman in China. This is the most inspiring growth history of junior three I have ever heard

Lansi technology is also called "small three concept stocks" by some people

in the face of various versions of "gossip", she never paid attention to it. People around her fight against injustice: how can these people say that white is black? We worked hard, from nothing to all the extrusion granulation process, there is today

she showed indifference, and enlightened the people around her, saying: you should be happy, because junior three are beautiful and capable

sometimes even joked during the meeting that the junior came

this year, in an interview with Wu Xiaoli, she responded to the silence at that time:

her heart was enlarged by injustice and pain. If that were the case, would I still have to work like this

now Zhou Qunfei is worth tens of billions. He still catches the train and eats instant noodles. He is still a person who carries his backpack and lifts his feet and leaves

women are often more critical in this era. Once women have wealth and status, someone will give full play to their imagination:

they will not know that you are working day and night, will not understand you as a woman in the wind and rain, will not understand the pain you give up your relatives and friends, and will not understand that you are actually a lonely person, and only rely on work to get today's achievements

up to now, there is still a "inspirational story" about her relying on the junior to rise. In front of rumors, the best

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