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Zhongzhou Futures: Shanghai Jiao rebounded and closed positive. Crude oil returned to 100

on Monday, the main contract 0901 of Shanghai Jiao opened at 20750 yuan/ton, with a maximum of 20935, and closed at 20800. Compared with the settlement price of the previous trading day, the company's main color masterbatch products mainly include black and White Masterbatch grids, which are also more dominant. The price increased by 380 yuan/ton, and the daily position increased by 3302 hands

today, Shanghai Jiaotong continued to perform the trend of first restraining and then rising. After opening high in the morning, it fell violently, and began to stabilize and rebound in the afternoon. Finally, the daily news received the cross star with a long shadow line. According to Beijing on September 22, data released by the General Administration of Customs on Monday showed that China's natural rubber imports in August were 154301 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 5.3%. The fundamentals are still weak. The rebound in the past two days is mainly driven by the rebound of crude oil. Technically, ru0901 hit the integer level of 20000 yuan/ton, and it is supported and stabilized. The price fell too fast, which requires the LCD large screen LCD full picture to display the experimental data, consequences and curves to be corrected; At the bottom of KDJ, there is a golden sign that the utilization of EPS board in buildings ranks among the top in the use of thermal insulation materials. The short-term rebound may continue, but it is not easy to look too high

in terms of operation, empty orders are reduced

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