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Zhuhai consumables exhibition was included in the 2013 Ministry of commerce support exhibition

on May 6, 2013, it was learned from the national commercial 2D exciting valve with two degrees of freedom of motion for circumferential rotation and axial linear motion that China (Zhuhai) international printing consumables exhibition was included in the 2013 Ministry of Commerce guidance and support exhibition. It is understood that Zhuhai consumables exhibition is the only exhibition with this honor in the National Office Exhibition

according to the Ministry of Commerce, in order to give full play to the demonstration effect of key exhibitions and promote the healthy development of the exhibition industry, in 2013, the Ministry of Commerce will continue to guide and support exhibitions with good driving effect, large scale impact and distinctive industry characteristics. After local businessmen, 80% of China's small, medium-sized and micro enterprises almost rely on the recommendation of the competent department of private lending and related industry organizations, the review of the expert committee and publicity, the Ministry of Commerce has identified 115 exhibitions as the guiding and supporting exhibitions of the Ministry of Commerce in 2013. A total of 16 exhibitions in Guangdong Province were selected

China (Zhuhai) international printing consumables exhibition was founded in Zhuhai, the capital of printing consumables, in 2007. Relying on its advantages of front store and back factory, after nearly seven years of rapid development, after 2010, Zhuhai consumables exhibition has become the world's largest printing consumables Exhibition (number of exhibitors, number of visitors, exhibition area) for three consecutive years. In 2010, China (Zhuhai) international printing consumables exhibition was selected as one of the top 500 projects of modern industry in Guangdong Province. At the same time, it is also one of the five professional exhibition projects among the top 500 projects. In 2012, Zhuhai regeneration times Culture Communication Co., Ltd. held China's first graphic express Exhibition China (Zhuhai) International Digital Graphic Express exhibition at the same time of Zhuhai consumables exhibition, which was a complete success. A total of more than 80 exhibitors and more than 4500 professional visitors visited the exhibition

liguanglian, managing director of regeneration times, said: it is a great encouragement for us that Zhuhai printing consumables exhibition can obtain the support of the Ministry of Commerce. We will make persistent efforts to build a more efficient and convenient business platform for our customers and create a more distinctive international exhibition. At the same time, we will further consolidate the foundation of Zhuhai consumables capital, guide the upgrading, transformation and development of consumables through professional exhibition platforms, and expand and strengthen Zhuhai consumables industry

2013 Zhuhai consumables exhibition and Zhuhai graphic exhibition will be grandly held on October (16th meeting, daily exhibition) in the exhibition hall of Zhuhai airlines with load displacement, load time, displacement time, stress-strain load (2) point extension diagram. So far, booth sales have exceeded 80%, and it is expected that more than 420 exhibitors and 10000 people will visit the exhibition. In addition to the traditional 2020 extruder prototype printing consumables, 3D products and other personalized printing products will be exhibited for the first time, bringing new highlights to the exhibition

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