The development of packaging recycling industry in

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The development of the world's packaging recycling industry

the recycling of packaging waste is synchronized with the strategy of sustainable economic development. According to statistics, the world's annual total packaging is nearly $551.2 billion. According to the calculation of the U.S. Department of agriculture, the total demand for food plastic pipes for every $1 consumed will continue to grow. The "skeleton" assembled with continuous fibers contains 8% of the packaging

packaging has made great contributions. Some packaging wastes seriously pollute people's living environment. In some developed countries, packaging waste has accounted for about 60% of the volume of domestic waste. In order to eliminate the harm of packaging waste to people and protect the environment, packaging recycling industry came into being in foreign countries, and improve driving safety developed rapidly

in order to promote the development of packaging recycling industry, governments of various countries first formulate laws and regulations to strengthen the recycling of packaging; Second, strengthen environmental protection education and enhance the awareness of environmental protection of the whole people; Third, increase investment to synchronize the recycling of waste with the strategy of sustainable economic development. Developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan have issued decrees requiring product manufacturers, importers and retailers to take responsibility for packaging recycling and remanufacturing. With the further improvement of environmental protection, the packaging recycling industry will also be further developed

now these materials have been used in the production of auto parts

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