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The development of the world machinery manufacturing industry presents "six characteristics"

the development of the world machinery manufacturing industry presents "six characteristics"

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Guide: the economy presents large-scale globalization, and large-scale production has become the main stream of the development of major multinational companies. At the same time of continuous joint reorganization and expansion of competitive strength, major enterprises have also strengthened their investment and research and development in their main businesses, continuously improving the complete system capacity and personalization, and diversifying market adaptation

the economy is on a large scale

the globalization of large-scale production has become the mainstream of the development of major multinational corporations. While constantly combining and restructuring to expand their competitive strength, major enterprises have also strengthened their investment and R & D in their main businesses, and continuously improved the system's complete set capacity and personalized, diversified market adaptability. The developed countries attach importance to the development of equipment manufacturing industry, which not only takes the lead in the proportion, accumulation, employment and contribution of their own industries, but also provides an important material basis for the development and production of new technologies and products. It is an indispensable strategic industry for the modern economy, Even industrialized countries that have entered the "information society" attach great importance to the development of machinery manufacturing industry

the development is extremely unbalanced and the regionality intensifies.

taking 2003 as an example, the top 500 enterprises in the world with sales are almost from North America, Asia and Europe, accounting for 99%, showing the unparalleled dominance of the three continents in the development of the world machinery industry

cross border M & A in machinery manufacturing industry intensifies

modern M & a no longer blindly emphasizes confrontation with competition, and is the main means for strong companies to jointly establish enterprises to gain competitive advantage. This is a major feature of large companies seeking survival and development in the process of globalization of machinery manufacturing industry. And a saturated market. Increasingly fierce market competition. The increased risk of investing and building factories has also led more enterprises to adopt the means of joint mergers and acquisitions. Construction in progress and corresponding market demand; 6. With the continuous improvement of the technical level of the polyurethane industry, under the premise of the factory, optimize the product structure of the enterprise, so as to improve the production capacity, expand market share and obtain economies of scale. The industry with high technology as its connotation comes from the threat of technological innovation, which makes multinational companies embark on the road of alliance to form a strong technological innovation ability. Strategic mergers and acquisitions among large enterprises in the machinery manufacturing industry have led to the reallocation of resources in the machinery industry. It makes the competition pattern of the world machinery industry appear a cooperative situation

the structural adjustment is further deepened, and the production mode and management mode are undergoing profound changes

developed countries have increased the intensity of industrial transfer, and the products with low added value in mechanical products are arranged to be produced in developing countries with potential market demand: in order to adapt to the changes in market demand, major manufacturers have adopted professional production, "single variety, large batch" has become a new feature of the production mode of many top 500 enterprises; At the same time, the production mode dominated by producers has gradually changed to the customized production mode dominated by consumers. Personalized service has become an important factor in the success or failure of competition

new changes have taken place in the way of globalization of machinery manufacturing

there are two traditional ways of Globalization: one is to take the home country as the production base and sell products to other countries; The second is to invest in establishing production and manufacturing bases overseas, manufacturing products abroad and selling them to the host country or other countries. Its characteristics are: it has its own manufacturing facilities and technology, and the products are completely manufactured by itself; The use of resources is limited to the use of raw materials, personnel or funds of the host country

with the revolution of information technology and the fundamental changes in management ideas and methods, the organizational form of enterprises has also changed. These changes have taken place in cross lubrication systems, which are mainly composed of lubricating oil pumps, special relays and pipelines, and will continue to develop as a new way of globalization. The main characteristics of this change are: extensive use of other countries' production facilities and technological forces. Without owning the ownership of production facilities and manufacturing technology, we can manufacture the final products and sell them globally. Machinery manufacturing companies have established parts processing networks around the world and are responsible for the general assembly and marketing of products. Raw material allocation and parts procurement globalization have become the development trend of the world machinery manufacturing industry BMP format picture exhibition trend

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